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it's the bee's knees!
you're such a dangerous guy
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21st-Nov-2010 12:12 am - dead;
Sorry but this community is kind of dead right now. Until I find more time to make friending memes/regular memes then this community shall remain dead. I'd like to say this community will most likely remain dead for a long time. I think us mods have moved on from this type of thing (or at least me) so I don't plan on updating this community in the future.

I won't delete this community for now; but know that it will most likely never come back to the days of the living.
29th-Sep-2010 12:53 am - updates.
Sorry that carnalbees is a bit dead but well...coming up with friending meme's is hard (especially if you yourself don't want to make new friends at the moment). But posting to let you all know that carnalbees has a new layout! It matches the theme a bit more and isn't so confusing. :| The last layout annoyed me a bit so...IDK fixed it. :D Layout made by pluvium

So um yeah...will try to come up with a new friending meme here soon. (:
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